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This page is about my Site Policies, and my personal style of content publishing on the Internet. My desire is to earn and maintain your trust, and to present you with a pleasant and enjoyable online experience.

Kingdom Anointing Site Policies

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Privacy Policy

I really value my privacy on the Internet, and I believe that while you are a guest on my website, you should be afforded the same respect in your right to privacy.

Therefore, I have created a comprehensive Privacy Policy to disclose the types of personal information that I receive and collect when you use, as well as some of the steps I take to safeguard information.

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Children's Privacy Protection

As Christian parents, you should be aware of the websites that your children visit so you can be assured of their online safety. Therefore, I've outlined some practical Internet Safety Tips for Parents to assist you in making your child's online experiences safer and more pleasant. Internet safety for kids is important!

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Terms of Use

True enough, legal stuff can be boring to read, but I encourage you to read my Terms of Use before using this website. Essentially, they cover important areas like copyright restrictions on the use of my online materials, submission of your material to me, and my limitation of liability.

By using this Web site, you automatically agree to my Terms of Use, so you should know what they are. Naturally, if you don't agree with my Terms of Use, please do not use this Web site.

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A Disclaimer concerning the safe use of content on the website and achievable results.

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